UTC Mocs Inline Hockey Jerseys

I hope to expand on this post in the future after interviewing my semi-stepbrother and founder of University of Tennessee at Chattanooga inline hockey team.  2010 is the club's first year in existence and from what I've heard they are off to a great a start.  In the next couple of weeks I'd like to provide some more in-depth information about the club's origins, goals, and players.  Until that happens I wanted to post a couple pictures of the official team jerseys.  I apologize for the poor image quality because all I have to take photos with is my phone's crappy camera.

The front of the jersey uses UTC's newer version Scrappy the mocking bird (UTC's mascot).  The shoulders are home to the ever popular UTC "C" that can also be found on the UTC football team's helmets.  Many have probably noticed that the base for the jersey is the Nashville Predators current away uniforms.  Its nice when your school's colors match perfectly with a product already being sold.

Here's a shot of the back where you can see the screen printed name and number.

These sweaters look pretty sharp, and the UTC team is going to look good out there this season.  Here's a link to a blog written by an individual involved in the recent rebranding of the UTC Mocs:

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