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I'm not a cartoon
Välkommen till kanten av rovdjur blogg utrymme

Puck & Punk is blog devoted to two of the things that I love most, punk rock and hockey. It is solely maintained by a pseudo-hipster punk rocker Predators fan that isn't afraid to wear the orange and black sometimes. P&P proudly have the distinction of being the unloved bastard child in the Predators blogging community. But really, is there any better place for me to be? Where else do you put the guy that unleashed Predobear on the unsuspecting masses.

Puck & Punk strives to be the home of quick, accesible album reviews, serious commentary on happens in the world of Predators hockey, hyperbole and sarcasm ridden knee-jerk reactionary blogs, and a host of irreverent gobs of hockey related humor.