2011-2012 NHL Color Scales: Orange, Silver, & Gold

Ok, time for the second round of color scales. As the scales get longer things get more interesting as you can see what has been added and dropped for the start of the new season. The three that I'm posting today consist of the Orange, Silver/Gray, and Gold scales. If this is your first time here then I want to point you back towards the first entry where you can find part one of the series.

EDIT: It just occurred to me that the Islanders haven't unveiled their new third jerseys. If there is one team in this league that I'm not going to wait on it would be the New York Islanders. If there were two teams it would be them and the Red Wings. I stuck this edit here because the jersey is supposed to include grey, which would fall on the silve scale.

Orange Scale:

So, I lied a little bit because not much happened in the world of Orange. Really the only change that we have is that the redish toned orange that the Flyers have employed since 1999-2000 has been totally retired in favor of the brighter orange from the heydays of the franchise (or the years when they won those shiny Cups).

Silver Scale:

Ok, a couple of things are happening in the world of Silver, and at this point we've been through four scales and could really use something interesting to say. With the rebranding of the Atlanta Thrashers we've seen the addition of silver on the Winnipeg Jets jerseys. Sadly it didn't warrant a fancy name like the two shades of blue that are featured on the Jets bland new jerseys. The second big change is that We see the first of two colors that the Nashville Predators have retired for this season. For the first time in franchise history the team will hit the ice without their signature silve shoulders and arms. Since the color also does not appear on the temporarily mothballed third jersey we can officially declare the color retired.

Gold Scale:

The last scale today is the super fun gold scale. This section finds us with three subtractions and a single new entrant into the sun shiny world. With the end of the Atlanta Thrashers we get to say fair well to the sublimely named Peachtree Gold. Having spent time driving in Atlanta I feel comfortable knowing that I'll never have to think about that color again. If you've been to Atlanta or live there then you know what I'm talking about. The retired Kings throwback jersey means another subtraction, but I have a feeling that we'll see it again once the Kings are done being all giddy about their monochromatic uniforms. The surprising change on this scale comes from the Nashville Predators. When it first leaked that the team was switching to gold jerseys I assumed that they would use the shade that had long accented their uniforms, this was incorrect. What was once the brightest shade of gold is no more and has been replaced by a far more subdued tone, and that is something for which we can all be grateful.

If at any point some color seems off or flat out wrong, then please email me at puckandpunk [at] gmail [dot] com. My goal is make this as accurate as possible and I'm always happy to accept input. Thanks

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