New (?) Predators Jersey Ranting

Update: Here is an update on the jersey from On The Forecheck:
UPDATE: My contact with the team is saying those aren't the sweaters, but that could mean many things. These could be preliminary versions to be used at Development Camp, or other prototypes. But it's telling that the logo and coloring match what was unveiled yesterday, so I'd say it's likely these are pretty close to what we'll see this fall. - Dirk
I'm happy to read something along those lines. Since the pictures were first posted I wanted a statement to emerge like the ones that that Dirk was able to provide from the Predators Organization. It gives me hope that some of the improvements I was hoping for may still be realized.

Do you see that?  Those may be the newest jerseys for the Nashville Predators. Yep. Now, I admit I like the white look quite a lot, if I ignore the truly awful pipping that runs down the front and the back. But really, the one of the left looks like one of those free jerseys that team give away to the first 1000 ticket holders. At best it resembles a sickening merger between a soccer jersey and an Underarmour top. I really feel like there is potential with these jerseys... if it weren't for the mistakes. The striping on the home jersey simply looks heavy and dark, while the piping the away jersey makes it look like a disastrous minor league jersey immediately following the switch to the Edge system. It really looks like the design team unlearned many of the mistakes made in jersey design from the dawn of the Edge jerseys.

The more I look at these the more it just scream lost potential.

I also feel like the new primary logo is lost amongst the gold of the home jersey.

Apparently the stripes on the number are supposed to be guitar strings, which makes sense since there are 6 of them. wow, that is actually so much worse.

You can also see the keyboard inside the collar... because why the hell not right? You're already putting guitar strings and a guitar pick on the jersey, why not throw in some piano keys.

HEY DID YOU KNOW NASHVILLE IS THE MUSIC CITY?! DID YOU KNOW THE PREDS PLAY THERE?! Well, if you didn't you sure as hell know now.

How much crap can they put on this jersey? There are random splashes of color, minute and heavy handed nods to Nashville's Music City nickname.

The very worst thing, take a look at the white striping on the gold jersey... it looks like suspenders holding up a pair of pants. In that sense Canadians should be huge fans of this jersey since it combines two national staples, hockey and lumberjacks.

Screw that.

In honestly, what kills me is the ridiculous piping and the unnecessary details.  They make what could be a great jersey and turn it into a heavy handed effort to pay tribute to a city.

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