Stanley Cup Final Prediction: According to My Notes: You Like Baseball, I Like Ghosts edition

It seems like just a little bit ago that the 2011 Stanley Cup Playoffs took off with multiple teams player games seven days a week. Now it is… wow… the finals start in June? I feel like we should just ahead and spread the season out over the entire twelve months, or at least ten or eleven. Could you imagine how much football players would whine if the NFL season ran from October to June? Ok, but we’ve got a recap to do!

I think that this was one of my stronger rounds for predictions. Not only did I nail the Vancouver in 5 predictions, but the only thing that I got wrong fro the TB/Bos series was the winner! If we’re issuing partial credit on a sliding scale with +/- for the number of games, then my performance was downright dominating.

For the Finals I admit to not being a fan of either the Bruins or the Canucks. I have solved this problem by just cheering for Tim Thomas to with the cup and the Con Smythe and score the cup-clinching goal.

WCC Vancouver Canucks vs. ECC Boston Bruins

Going into the series against the Sharks I felt certain that Vancouver would either be dominant, or they would engage in choking battle that resembled the space battle from Return of the Jedi, except neither side would have weapons and would end up just bumping into each other than floating awkwardly around in space like asexual whales at a whale orgy. Either way things would’ve been entertaining. On the other side we had Boston and Tampa desperately trying to demonstrate exactly how badly the winner was going to lose in the finals. I admit that I am glad that Boston pulled out the win because I don’t think that the Lightning would’ve had much of chance against the Canucks.

In terms of fan bases, I think that Vancouver manages to squeak out ahead simply due to the fact that the majority of the Canucks’ fans are Canadian and therefore probably more pleasant the majority of Americans. On the Boston side, you have Boston sports fans… yep, so easy choice in terms of fans.

The only areas were Boston may have an edge over Vancouver are goal tending and the quality of the Bruin’s fist-pumping operatic anthem singer. It might be worth Claude’s consideration to have Rene Rancourt lead the power play in hopes of reminding the team that this shit matters. In all seriousness, the fate of this entire series depends on how much Boston can step up their game because the Vancouver war machine is poised to do terrible, unspeakable things to the Bruins and the people of Boston.

Players to Watch:
  • I see Dennis Seidenberg really stepping up his game for the finals because his is Germany’s only hope to actually bring how an award for playing hockey. 
  • Look for Marc Savard to continue to be the team’s most well dressed player. I believe he’ll experiment with a three-piece ensemble at some point during the Finals, although I’m uncertain that he can effectively pull off a vest. 
  • Again I hope that the Bruins win the Stanley Cup because I want to watch Gary Bettman hand Zedano Chara the Cup and then watch Chara hand the cup to Brad Marchand. Hell, maybe Chara will finally understand how tall he is and, regardless of the outcome, just grab the thing and make a run for it. 
  • Ryan Kesler will score a goal in game three, do his “look at me, I’m the shit” goal celebration, and promptly get clobbered by Tim Thomas. All the refs will pretend they didn’t see a thing. 
  • Christian Erhoff is German too? Well, I guess Germany is going to get to see the Cup this summer one way or another. Did you know there is a city in Germany called Worms? 
  • With the return of Manny Malhotra the Canucks will finally be able to fully form Voltron and thus exert absolute dominance over the Bruins. 
  • Vancouver in 6 (The Scott Pilgrim books take place in a Canada and there are 6 volumes, and that is how this prediction was made)

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