Where I Again Try To Guess The Future

Bergfors predicting how many goals he'll score for the Nashville Predators

Many Nashville Predators were excited about the off season acquisition of Swedish sniper Niclas Bergfors. He was seen as a Kostitsyn-esque low-risk investment. Like the Belarusian Niclas never seemed to be able to settle down into a consistent role. Unlike our trigger shy Eastern European friend Bergfors never could seem to put anything interesting on the table. His single goal this season didn't come off of a shot, but rather involved a surprised Swede chesting the puck in the net past a likely very startled Miikka Kiprusoff. What made the play all the more hilarious was that the puck was coming off a rather silly looking shot from Hillen. Bear Force has generally been a disappointment and watching McGrattan gobble up the last roster spot had to be tough on the kid, so it came as no surprised when the Predators chose to waive the player.

It's that guy
There are a ton of possibilites for Bergfors now that he's been waived. His low-risk, league minimum contract will certainly appear inviting to desperate teams like the Ducks or teams run by a crazy person like the Flames. Niclas might also find himself up in Milwaukee playing the Admirals of the AHL. Still, I wouldn't limit him to just those few options. In this spirit I've wracked my brain to trace all possible future time lines and discover what could be in Niclas Bergfors' future.
  1. Bergfors will begin training to fulfill his dream of being the goaltender during the best shot competition at the 2012 NHL All-Star Game.
  2. He could get picked up by the Solar Bears in the expansion draft. 
  3. The Pens could grab him so that he can skate next to Crosby and absorb hits. 
  4. After all that time spent as a healthy scratch I'm sure he's picked up some sort of hobby. He could leverage that new found talent into an starting and etsy shop. My best guess? Wax etching applied to semi-precious metals.
  5. He will get claimed off waivers by the Nashville Predators. He's a low risk option that could help the team's offensive punch. 
  6. Bergfors will join the Barrie Colts as their power play coordinator before becoming a surprise goaltending prodigy under the tutelage of Dan Cloutier.
  7. Niclas will graciously accept his demotion to the Milwaukee Admirals, but he will be forced to supplement his income by doing voice acting for Japanese ecchi anime.
  8. He won't even realize that he was demoted, and subsequently suspended for not reporting, until months later. Bergfors will claim that he was too busy playing Skyrim.
  9. Bergfors was not actually placed on waivers. He was kidnapped and Poile does not negotiate with kidnappers.
  10. Bergfors will get claimed by his former team the Atlanta Thrashers only to arrive in Atlanta to discover that the team moved and didn't leave him a forwarding address.

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