Ok, Enough Is Enough

I want you to take a look at the pictures below.  The picture on the left is The Panther from the NHL's and Marvel's Guardian Project.  On the right side you can see T'Challa otherwise known as The Black Panther.

I do not even know how anyone can defend the Guardian Project at this point.  There is nothing to excuse the parade of garbage that the NHL and Marvel has paraded out against us.  Time after time we've seen Guardians that borrow strongly from various other Marvel superheroes.  Its like they aren't even trying to pretend that these designs are original.  If Stan Lee wasn't one of the creators of the Black Panther back in 1966 you know that someone would be getting sued for plagiarism right now.

I am so over people saying that this isn't meant for someone my age, that it is all for kids.  Hockey has long been the most value laden, sportsmanship driven of all the major sports, even the fighting has a deep seeded code of conduct.  Yet, we're letting creative sloth and plagiarism (even if it is occasionally self-inflicted) go by just because its a project "for the kids."  The hockey community as a whole is about to blasted by the Guardian Project.  The media line-up includes film, comics, and even in arena appearances.  Finally, for those that actually put stock in the integrity of comic book publishes and the lore surrounding the heroes and villians that the love, we're seeing the publisher crap all over their Intellectual Properties.  Its insulting.  We've laughed at the GP, we've discussed its relevancy, but Marvel still insists on parading this crap in front off us as they pretend that everything is cool, and they are being "fairly creative."

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