The Complete NHL Color Scale

Though I've been meaning to compile all of my colors scales into a single image for a while, I finally was able to blink away the color boxes that had been burned into my retinas and actually do it.  Below you'll find a pretty high resolution image that contains the scales, complete with labels and dividers for easy viewing.

Looking back on this project I have to say I'm pretty please with how the product turned out.  Being able to pull all the various colors out of their respective team contexts and just perusing them was a ton of fun.  If this is your first time looking at these scales, then I invite you to look back at my commentaries (BlueRed, Gold, and Orange; Purple, Green, Gray, Natural), although just interpreting them for yourselves is a great exercise and a lot of fun.  Once again, thanks to The Hockey Uniform Database for making my life so much easier.  

The Complete NHL Color Scales

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Ang said...

Of course, the only cool color on there is teal ... :)